CFD Seminar: First, Second, and Third Order Finite-Volume Schemes for Advection-Diffusion

Speaker: Hiro Nishikawa Biography: Dr. Hiro Nishikawa is Sr. Research Scientist, NIA. He earned Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering and Scientific Computing at the University of Michigan in 2001. He then worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan on adaptive grid methods, local preconditioning methods, multigrid methods, rotated-hybrid Riemann solvers, high-order upwind and viscous schemes, etc., and joined NIA in 2007. His area of expertise is the algorithm development for CFD, currently focusing on multigrid methods and hyperbolic methods for robust, efficient, highly accurate viscous discretization schemes. Abstract: This talk will discuss a problem of matching truncation errors for third-order advection and diffusion schemes, and show that the problem actaully doesn't exist. The advection-diffusion equation is turned into a fully hyperbolic system, and the problem is gone. Implicit 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order finite-volume advection-diffusion schemes are then constructed quite straightforwardly for unstructured grids. Unique computational advantages of the resulting schemes will be discussed: higher-order accurate gradients, higher-order accuracy in the advection limits, O(1/h) converence acceleration in the diffusion dominated cases. Additional information, including the webcast link, can be found at the NIA CFD Seminar website, which is temporarily located at: